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Contoh Soal Ulangan Harian Passive Voice Kelas 9

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        Jumpa lagi Sobat Miss Tuti semaunya, eh semuanya. Berhubung kita udah belajar tentang Passive Voice, sekarang kita berlatih supaya lebih paham ya. Tidak ada jalan lain yang lebih baik selain dengan banyak berlatih. Berikut ini ada contoh soal Ulangan Harian (UH) tentang Passive Voice. Hope it will be fruitful for you all. Here we go.  


  Cross a, b, c, or d for the correct answer!

    1. The mango ...... by Dina yesterday.
        a. peels 
        b. peeled
        c. is peeled
        d. was peeled

    2. Hedi (call) by his uncle right now.
        a. is called
        b. is being called
        c. was called
        d. will be being called

    3. Dika gave me chocolate.
        The passive form of the sentence above is......
        a. Dika was given by me chocolate.
        b. Chocolate was given to Dika by me.
        c.  Chocolate gave me by Dika.
        d. I was given chocolate by Dika.

    4. Which one is passive sentence?
        a. Linda meets her old friend.
        b. Eka didn't join English course.
        c. Is the tea drunk?.
        d. you are eating pineaple.

    5. The package (send) tomorrow.
        a. is sent
        b. will be sent
        c. was sent
        d. has been sent
The following text is for no. 6 - 10.

        This is omelette which I have just made. It's so simple to make. This omelette is made of an egg, some slices of sausage, and chopped onion. The egg is firstly cracked. The sausage is sliced. The onion is chopped. Then, the egg, sliced sausage, and chopped onion are mixed. Salt and pepper are added into the dough. Little frying oil is heated on a pan. Fry the dough until it's cooked. The omelette is served with rice and chili sauce. 

    6. What is the text about?
        a. How to make omelette.
        b. How to eat omelette.
        c. How to tell about omelette.
        d. How to buy omelette.

    7. What is cracked?
        a. Onion.
        b. Egg.
        c. Omelette.
        d. Pepper.
    8. Which one is chopped?
        a. Omelette.
        b. Egg.
        c. Sausage.
        d. Onion.

    9. Which one is true according to the text?
        a. The sausage is sliced.
        b. The omelette is chopped.
        c. The onion is cracked.
        d. The pepper is served with rice.

    10. Is the omelette served with rice?
        a. No, it isn't.
        b. Yes, it is.
        c. No, it is.
        d. Yes, it isn't.

    11. The wool has been (weave) by grandmother to be a good sweater.
        a. weaved
        b. weaves
        c. wove
        d. woven

    12. Long time ago, a ship (sink) by a giant in a deep sea.
         Which one is the correct verb form?
        a. was sunk
        b. was sank
        c. is sunk
        d. is sank

    13. Uncle  has paid our bill.
          The passive voice of the sentence above is "Our bill ..... by uncle"
        a. has been paid
        b. have been paid
        c. had been paid
        d. has been being paid

    14. I used the broom to hit the rat.
          Which one is the passive voice of the sentence above?
        a. The broom I used to hit rat.
        b. The broom is used to hit rat.
        c. The broom will be used to hit the rat.
        d. The broom was used to hit the rat.

    15. Which passive sentence uses past perfect tense?
        a. Prita is always called by Dandy.
        b. My gown had been washed before I took a nap.
        c. The piano was being played when the kid fell down.
        d. The bread has just been eaten.

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