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Contoh Soal Procedure Text Kelas 7 Kurikulum Merdeka Belajar


Read the text to answer question 1 - 5!


Ingredients :

4 red potatoes
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 onion, chopped
1 green bell pepper, seeded and chopped
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 teaspoon salt
3/4 teaspoon paprika
1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper
1/4 cup chopped fresh parsley

Equipment :
Large skillet

Steps :
    1. Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Add potatoes and cook until tender but still firm, about            15 minutes.
    2. Drain the potatoes and cut them into 1/2 inch cubes when they are already cool.
    3. In a large skillet, heat 1 tablespoon olive oil over medium high heat. Add onion and green pepper.         Cook about 5 minutes stirring often, until soft. Transfer to a plate and set aside.
    4. Pour remaining 2 tablespoons of oil into the skillet and turn heat to medium-high.
    5. Add potato cubes, salt, paprika and black pepper. Cook, stirring occasionally, until potatoes are            browned about 10 minutes.
    6. Stir in the onions, green pepper and parsley and cook for another minute. Serve hot.

PREP TIME    : 20 min
COOK TIME  : 25 min

1. What does the text tells about?
    A. The potatoes and their use
    B. How to make fried potatoes
    C. Boiling potatoes in good ways
    D. Someone's experience in cooking

2. Which statement is NOT TRUE according to the text?
    A. It takes 25 minutest to cook the food well.
    B. You need 3 kinds of equipment to cook the meal.
    C. The food should be served hot.
    D. The potatoes must be cut after they are getting cool.

3. How long do we need to try the recipe until it is ready to be served?
    A. 45 minutes
    B. 40 minutes
    C. 25 minutes
    D. 20 minutes

4. "Transfer to a plate and set aside."
    The word "transfer" in the sentence nearly means ...
    A. bring
    B. move
    C. drain
    D. take

5. "Drain the potatoes and cu ... when they are already cool."
    The word "they " refers to ...
    A. The potatoes
    B. The cubes
    C. The utensils
    D. The ingredients

The following text is for questions no. 6 - 9!


Ingredients :
- 25 grams grated coconut
- 1 stalk lemongrass (bruised)
- 2 cloves garlic
- 4 shallots
- 100 cc tamarind extract
- 150 grams peanuts (unsalted)
- 2 tablespoons cooking oil
- 2 tablespoons brown sugar

Spices :
- 1 teaspoon shrimp paste (toasted)
- 2 teaspoons ground coriander
- 1 teaspoon ground cumin
- 1/2 teaspoon ground turmeric

Direction :
    1. Grind shallots and garlic into paste using a pestle and mortar or food processor.
    2. Heat oil in a wok or frying pan. 
    3. Mix all ingredients and slowly fry over low heat, stir continuously until golden brown.
    4. Put serundeng in a baking dish and place it in a low oven or drain serundeng using a spider spoon         to lessen the oil. Then, remove the lemongrass.
    5. Leave cool and store in an airthight jar.

6. What is the purpose of the text?
    A. To tell us how to make Serundeng
    B. To describe Serundeng in general    
    C. To describe Serundeng in particular
    D. To explain parts of Serundeng

7. Where will you most probably read the text?
    A. In a journal
    B. In a dictionary
    C. In a manual
    D. In a recipe book

8. Why should we drain Serundeng?
    A. To cool Serundeng
    B. To mix the spices well
    C. To lessen the oil content
    D. To make Serundeng testier

9. "... place it in a low oven ..."(step 4)
    What does the underlined word refer to?
    A. the oil
    B. the baking dish
    C. the ingredient
    D. the spider spoon

10. Arrange the sentences into the correct order of how to make jelly!
     1) Pour mixture into a bowl.
     2) Add boiling water.
     3) Stir well until crystals dissolve.
     4) Empty contents of packets of jelly crystals in the jug.
     5) Add the cold water and stir.
     6) Refrigerate until it firm.
     A. 2 - 3 - 5 - 1 - 4 - 6
     B. 3 - 5 - 1 - 4 - 6 - 2
     C. 4 - 2 - 3 - 5 - 1 - 6
     D. 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

11. My father buys ... car today.
    A. a 
    B. an 
    C. also 
    D. today 

12. I eat ... cupcake from my mom.
    A. an 
    B. a 
    C. but 
    D. also 

13. Diana reds ... newspaper today. 
    A. an 
    B. a 
    C. the 
    D. but 

14. I use ... uniform today 
    A. an 
    B. a 
    C. but 
    D. also

15. Cindy has ... new boyfriend 
    A. the 
    B. also 
    C. a 
    D. an 

16. My mom cook ... delicious food.
    A. an 
    B. either
    C. a 
    D. the

17. ...... orange is very important for your body.
    A. an 
    B. a 
    C. also 
    D. either 

18. I see ... teacher the class.
     A. a 
    B. an 
    C. the 
    D. also 

19. I know that he buys .... houses in the area .
    A. an 
    B. a 
    C. the 
    D. also 

20. Diana sees ..... apple in the refrigerator.
    A. a 
    B. an 
    C. the 
    D. either

21. ...... to bed on a full stomach, it can cause acid reflux.
    A. Don't go
    B. Go

22. ....... afraid. Those dogs won't hurt you.
    A. Don't be
    B.  Be

23. ..... patient. Don't be in such a hurry.
    A. Don't be
    B. Be

 24. ........ your shoes before entering to keep the house clean.
    A. Don't take off
    B. Take off

25.  ...... the door, so we can talk in private.
    A. close
    B. Don't close

26. ...... for lunch together
    A. Let's go
    B. Let's goes

27. ...... waste our time
    A. Let's don't
    B. Let's not

28. ....... ask me the question again. 
    A. Please don't
    B. Please not to

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Contoh Soal PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 Semester Ganjil


            Hello, Everyone. Gimana persiapan ujian akhir semesternya? Teachers udah pada punya soal belum untuk diberikan kepada siswanya? Trus buat kamu yang students, mana tau masih kurang banyak soal untuk berlatih, yuk kita pelajari contoh soal berikut ya. Mana tau ada yang keluar di ujian kamu, lho.


Choose A, B, C, or D for the Best Answer!

1. Susan     : Hello, my name is Susan. How do you do?
    Steven    : Hi, I am Steven. ......
    A. It is nice to meet you.
    B. Where do you live?
    C. I am fine. Thanks.
    D. How do you do.

2. Anton    : Are you free this evening?
    Tony      : Why?
    Anton    : What about going to the school yard. I want to watch the football match.
    Tony      : .......... I have to go to Rina's house to return the math book that I borrowed.
    A. That sound nice
    B. You are very kind
    C. I'm happy to hear that
    D. I'm sorry I can't

3. Irma says, "Hi, Arya."
    What does she express?
    A. She greets Arya.
    B. She introduces herself.
    C. She wants to take leave.
    D. She wants to leave Arya.

4. Hendy        : I am going to bed now.
                        Good night, Mom.
    Mrs. Aditya: Good night, Hendy.
    What will the boy do?
    A. He will go to sleep.
    B. He will go to school.
    C. He will go home. 
    D. He will go to his friend's house.

5. Rita    : I'm sorry to hear that your father is seriously ill. Is he all right now?
    Dita    : No, not quite, but getting better.
    Rita    : I'm so glad to hear that.
    The underlined sentence expresses ......
    A. apology
    B. thank
    C. sympathy
    D. responsibility

6. Nancy    : Ouch!
    Maman  : What happened?
    Nancy    : You stepped on my foot.
    Maman  : ... I didn't mean to.
    A. Oh, sorry.
    B. Thank you.
    C. It's great.
    D. Don't mention it.

7. Ulfa    : Did you bring my comic book?
    Patty   : Oops! ... I forgot it.
    Ulfa    : Never mind. Please bring it tomorrow.
    Patty   : I will.
    A. That's fine.
    B. No at all.
    C. I'm really sorry.
    D. I agree with you.

8. Sonya    : ... for helping me repair the computer.
    Haris     : You're welcome.
    A. Thank you.
    B. I'm sorry.
    C. That is all right.
    D. I apologize

9. Hilda           : Let me help you carry those boxes, Ma'am.
    Mrs. Wati    : That's very kind of you. Thank you, Hilda.
    Hilda           : .....
    A. Nice to see you.
    B. You're welcome.
    C. Sorry, Ma'am.
    D. That's a good idea.

10. The .... are mine.
    A. shoes
    B. socks
    C. slippers 
    D. footballs

This Dialogue is for questions 11 and 12.

Costumer        : Excuse me. Where can I find science books?
Shop assistant : You can find them on the shelf over there.
Costumer        : Thank you.
Shop assistant : You're welcome.

11. Where does the dialogue probably take place?
    A. In a bookstore.
    B. In a toy store.
    C. In a gift shop.
    D. In a shoe shop.

12. What does the customer need?
    A. A shoe self.
    B. A bookshelf.
    C. Science books.
    D. Fiction books.

The dialogue is for questions 13 and 14.

Ronny    : Do you have any fruits. Mom?
Mother   : Yes. There are oranges in the fridge. Please help yourself.
Ronny    : Thank you.
Mother   : Any time.

13. Who are talking in the dialogue?
    A. Teacher and students.
    B. Aunt and nephew.
    C. Brother and sister.
    D. Mother and son.

14. Where are the oranges?
    A. On the table.
    B. On the plate.
    C. On the refrigerator.
    D. On the cupboard.

This dialogue is for questions 15 and 16.

Robby    : Hi, Tia.
Tia         : Hi, Robby.
Robby    : Is she you sisters?
Tia         : No, she is not. She is my neighbor Alya. Alya, this is Robby. Robby, this is Alya.
Alya       : Nice to meet you, Robby.
Robby    : Nice to meet you too, Alya.

15. According to the dialogue, who is Alya?
    A. She is Tia's sisters.
    B. She is Tia's neighbor.
    C. She is Robby's sisters.
    D. She is Robby's neighbor.

16. What does Tia do in the dialogue?
    A. She wishes someone well.
    B. She introduces herself.
    C. She introduces someone.
    D. She wants to take leave.

This dialogue is for questions 17 and 18. 

    Diana Saraswati is my younger sisters. You can call her Nana. She was born in 2002. She is chuuby and blond hair. She is a really a beautiful girl. I love her so much.

17. What is the text is about?
    A. The writer's classmate.
    B. The writer's mother.
    C. The writer's sisters.
    D. The writer.

18. What is Diana like?
    A. She is slim and has black hair.
    B. She is chubby and has black hair.
    C. She is chubby and has blond hair.
    D. She is slim and has blond hair.

This dialogue is for questions 19 and 20.

    Irma is stewardess. Her sister Sylvia is not stewardess. She is a typist. Irma has a brother. His name is Herman. He is a soldier. What is Irma's father? Is he a pilot? No, he is a policeman. His name is Robert Palata. What is Mrs. Palata? She is housewife.

19. Mr. and Mrs. Palata have three .........
    A. Sons
    B. Daughters
    C. Childrens
    D. Sisters
20. 'He is a policeman'
      He refers to ....
    A. Robert Palata
    B. Herman
    C. Irma's brother
    D. Mrs. Palata's son

Read the following text to answer no.  21 - 23!

    Hi friend's! This is my friend, Sisca. She comes from west Java. She was born in Bogor on August 18, 2002. Her hobbies are singing and swimming. She also like planting flowers very much. She lives on Jl. A. Yani 100. She lives together with her parents and her two sisters. They are Mr and Mrs. Handoyo, Maria, and Linda. Sisca studies at SMP 05. Her older sister is in the first year of senior high school. They love one another and have a happy life.

21. What is Sisca's hobby?
    A. Swimming and singing.
    B. Singing and planting flowers and her family.
    C. Swimming and planting flowers.
    D. Singing, swimming, and planting flowers

22. Who is the second child of Sisca's family?
    A. Handoyo
    B. Maria
    C. Tiara
    D. Sisca

23. The word "They" in the last sentence refers to ....
    A. Sisca's sister
    B. Sisca's parents
    C. Sisca's father
    D. Sisca's family

Read the following text to answer 24 - 28!

    My name is Jamilah. I have a sister and three brothers. My sister is Wulan and my brothers are Sultan, Ali, and Sidik. My father is Mr. Abdi. He is an entrepreneur. My mother is Mrs. Sumini. She is a housewife. I have an uncle. Her name is Ponaryo and my aunts name are Laura and Lisa. My nephew Anto is policeman and my nieces are Sinta and Bella. They are doctor and nurse. I am so happy because we can live together coveniently.

24. Jamilah sister's is ...
    A. Laura
    B. Lisa
    C. Wulan
    D. Jamilah

25. Mr. Abdi is ...
    A. Jamilah's grandfather
    B. Jamilah's father
    C. Jamilah's uncle
    D. Jamilah's Nephew

26. Jamilah has ... aunt.
    A. Three
    B. Two
    C. One
    D. Four

27. Who is the policeman in the family?
    A. Ponaryo
    B. Sidik
    C. Anto
    D. Sultan

28. Mrs. Sumini is a .......
    A. Doctor
    B. Nurse
    C. Houswife
    D. Policewoman

29. Is that ... house?
    A. they
    B. them
    C. their
    D. there

30. I clean ... room everyday.
    A. my
    B. me
    C. I
    D. us

31. ... father works in a bank.
    A. Me
    B. I
    C. I am
    D. My

32. She lives with ... mother.
    A. her 
    B. his
    C. him
    D. its

33. Tika    : What time will go to the book fair?
      Elsa    : ....
    A. At a quarter to three
    B. At three o'clock
    C. At three fifteen
    D. At three tirty

34. Iwan    : What time will you visit your our grandpa?
      Bondan: .....

    A. At nine o'clock
    B. At a quarter past nine
    C. At half past nine
    D. At a quarter ten

35. Nadine    : .....?
      Gery        : It is July 28th, 2022
    A. What time is it today?
    B. What date is it today?
    C. What day is it today?
    D. What month is it today?

36. Vito    : What day is today?
      Venna : It is ......
      Vito    : So, tomorrow is Friday
      Venna : Right.
    A. Tuesday
    B. Wednesday
    C. Thursday
    D. Saturday

37. Tio    : Lisa, when were you born?
      Lisa   : I was born on June 10th, 1995.
      Tio     : It is 2022. It means that you are ... years old now.
    A. Twenty four
    B. Twenty five
    C. Twenty six
    D. Twenty seven

38. Sinar    : What day is it today?
      Bintang: Today is Monday, August 20th, 2022.
      Sinar    : It means that the day before yesterday wa ....
      Bintang: That's right.
    A. Saturday, August 18th 2022
    B. Sunday, August 19th 2022
    C. Tuesday, August 20th 2022
    D. Wednesday, August 21st 2022

This text is for questions 39 and 40.

        Agus usually wakes up at five in the morning. Then, he has a shower at five thirty. He has breakfast at five forty five. After that, he goes to school at a quarter past six. He goes early in the morning because his house is about three kilometers away from the school. He travels by school bus. The first lesson starts at seven o'clock.

39. What time does Agus usually wakes up?
    A. At 5 a.m
    B. At 5.05 a.m
    C. At 5.15 a.m
    D. At 5.45 a.m

40. What time does Agus leave for school?
    A. At 6 a.m
    B. At 6.45 a.m
    C. At 6.45 a.m
    D. At 7.15 a.m 

Good Luck!!!

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Contoh Soal Ulangan Harian Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 Bab 3 dan Bab 4


        Hi, Semuanya. Mumpung belum mulai pelaksanaan Ujian Akhir Semester Ganjil, yang masih pada nyari contoh soal ulangan harian Bahasa Inggris kelas VII, silahkan dipelajari contoh soal berikut ini ya. Jangan lupa persiapkan diri untuk Ujiannya. Remember, practice makes perfect!

Contoh Soal Ulangan Harian Bab 3 & Bab 4  Kelas 7 

Choose A, B, C, or D for the correct answer!


        Iwan       : What time will you visit your grandpa?
        Brondan : ............
        A. At nine o'clock
        B. At a quarter past nine
        C. At half past nine
        D. At a quarter to ten

    2. Nadine    : .........?
        Gerry      : It is July 28, 2012
        A. What time is it today
        B. What date is it today
        C. What day is it today
        D. What month is it today

    3. Vito    : What day is it today?
        Venna : It's ..........
        Vito    : So, tomorrow is Friday
        Venna : Right.
        A. Tuesday
        B. Wednesday
        C. Thursday
        D. Friday

    4. Alya    : ........ do you usually have breakfast?
        Dito    : At quarter to six.
        A. What time
        B. Where
        C. How
        D. What

This text for questions 5 and 6.

    Agus usually wake up at five in the morning. Then, he has a shower at five thirty. He has breakfast at five forty five. After that, he goes to school at a quarter past six. He goes early in the morning because his house is about three kilometers away from the school. He travels by school bus. The first lesson starts at seven o'clock.

    5. What time does Agus usually wake up?
        A. At 5 a.m.
        B. At 5 : 05 a.m.
        C. At 5 : 15 a.m.
        D. At 5 : 45 a.m.

    6. What time does Agus leave for school?
        A. At 6 a.m.
        B. At 6 :15 a.m.
        C. At 6 : 45 a.m.
        D. At 7 a.m.

    7. On August 17, we celebrate the ....
        A. National Education day
        B. New Year
        C. Kartini Day
        D. Independence Day

    8. The National Education day is on .....
        A. May 2
        B. May 22
        C. May 21
        D. May 12

    9. On April, we celebrate the .....
        A. New Year
        B. Independence Day
        C. National Education Day
        D. Kartini Day

    10. Yesterday is Wednesday. Tomorrow is ......
        A. Sunday
        B. Monday
        C. Thursday
        D. Friday

    11. Yesterday was Friday. Today is ...
        A. Thursday
        B. Wednesday
        C. Sunday
        D. Saturday

    12. There are ... days in a week.
        A. one
        B. seven
        C. five
        D. eleven

    13. There is a bridge ... the river.
        A. near
        B. across
        C. on
        D. along

    14. Amanda hasn't seen her older sister ... last April.
        A. on
        B. in 
        C. around
        D. since

    15. ... tomatoes are not very good
        A. This
        B. That
        C. These
        D. There

    16. There are two students ... the class.
        A. next
        B. in
        C. on
        D. front

    17. My pencil is .... the books and the notebooks.
        A. between
        B. in
        C. on
        D. next

    18. The red car is ... of the house.
        A. behind
        B. in front
        C. next to
        D. under

    19. Some students are waiting in .. the classroom.
        A. next to
        B. front of
        C. between
        D. under

    20. Our house is ... to the supermarket
        A. in
        B. on
        C. behind
        D. next

    21. There is a big supermarket ... the park.
        A. on
        B. near
        C. in front
        D. next

    22. Look at ... birds flying in the sky.
        A. this
        B. that
        C. these
        D. those

    23. ... is my new apartment. Please come inside.
        A. This
        B. That
        C. These
        D. Those

    24. The shoes are ... the sofa.
        A. under
        B. above
        C. across
        D. up

    25. The refrigerator is in the ....
        A. bathroom
        B. garage
        C. kitchen
        D. bedroom

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Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 Semester Ganjil


        Pada lagi ngapain sih? Pada masih UTS ya? Yuk kita pelajari soal berikut ini. Mana tau keluar di UTS kamu. Enjoy!!!        

Choose a, b, c or d for the best answer!

The text is for questions 1 to 4.

1. What is the communicative purpose of the text about?
    a. To announce Lily's birthday
    b. To invite readers to come to Lily's birthday party
    c. To promote skin care clinic 
    d. To share information about how to hold a birthday party

2. Who is turning 8?
    a. Lily
    b. Lisa
    c. Charlotte
    d. Lily's sisters

3. We have to contact Lisa to .......
    a. ask about the costume of the party
    b. confirm our attendance at the party
    c. inform about how many people will
    d. give suggestion about who should be invited to the party

4. How long will the party be held?
    a. An hour
    b. Two hours
    c. Three hours
    d. Four hours

5. Mrs Wiwin : .............. this letter?
    Mrs Indra : I'm sorry. I have some work to do
    a. Can I post
    b. Should I post
    c. Could you post
    d. Should you post

6. In the library, we ........... talk.
    a. should
    b. must
    c. will not
    d. must not

7. Mr Dewo : Where are you going next holiday?
    Mr Dewi : I will go camping in Bireuen.
    Mr Dewo : Really? You ........... bring a flashlight (senter) because it is very dark there.
    a. will
    b. can not
    c. must
    d. must not

8. Mother  : You look tired. You should sleep.
    Andi      : Yes, mom.
    Mother   : You ......... brush your teeth and pray first before you sleep.
    a. will not
    b. will
    c. should
    d. should not

9. When I was a child, I ........... ride a motorcycle.
    a. can not
    b. could not
    c. will
    d. must

10. My father and mother ........... buy a new house in tebet Next month.
    a. can be
    b. will be
    c. will 
    d. will be

11. Without microscope, we .......... see a very small object.
    a. can not
    b. can
    c. must not
    d. may

12. Susan : Is it your bag, Ira?
      Ira      : Yes, Why?
      Susan : ..............
      Ira      : No, I am going to use it.
    a. May I borrow it?
    b. Will I borrow it?
    c. Must I borrow it?
    d. Should I borrow it?

13. Can you call me up tonight?
    a. Yes, I do
    b. Yes, I can
    c. No, I don't
    d. Yes, I can

14. Because next week you will have an exam, you ........... study hard.
    a. should
    b. should not
    c. can not
    d. shall

15. I need your help because I .............. answer the question.
    a. can
    b. can not
    c. will
    d. will not

The text is for questions 16 - 18.

16. What is the text about?
    a. An invitation to a barbecue party
    b. An instruction of making a barbecue
    c. Suggestion to hold a barbecue party
    d. Information about things should be prepare for a barbecue party

17. When will the party be held?
    a. In the morning
    b. In the afternoon
    c. In the evening
    d. At night

18. What does the word 'grillin' (line 2) in the text mean?
    a. Drying
    b. Cleaning
    c. Rolling
    d. Cooking

For questions 19 -23, complete the dialogue with the best word.

    Dudi     : Mom, did you .... (19) the dinner?
    Mother : Yes, I did. Why?
    Dudi     : It's really .... (20). You're such a great cook!
    Mother : Glad you like .... (21)
    Dudi     : Yeah, ...... (22) for the meal, Mom.
    Mother : Don't .... (23) it, Honey.

19. .........
    a. throw
    b. burn 
    c. drink
    d. cook

20. .........
    a. delicious
    b. terrible
    c. bitter
    d. plain

21. .........
    a. drink
    b. food
    c. juice
    d. water

22. .........
    a. sorry
    b. thank
    c. wish
    d. apologize

23. .........
    a. eat
    b. hope
    c. except
    d. mention

24. I think there are not ............. animals in that forest because most of them have been hunted and              killed.
    a. much
    b. a few
    c. many
    d. a little

25. I don't like going to the zoo on Sunday because on that day there are ............. people going there           with their family.
    a. too much
    b. too many
    c. a few
    d. a little

26. In Jakarta, there are ............ cars on the road causing traffic jams everyday.
    a. any
    b. a little
    c. a lot of
    d. a few

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