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Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 Semester 1


                Hi, Guys. Udah musim ujian aja ya. Mumpung masih dalam masa Ujian Tengah Semester Ganjil, yuk kita pelajari contoh soal UTS berikut ini. Soal ini berisi beberapa topik materi Bahasa Inggris untuk semester ganjil. Hope it is fruitful both for you as teachers or students. 

Contoh Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 Semester Ganjil

Choose a, b, c or d for the best answer!

This text is for number 1-3!

1. What is the text about?
    a. Benny's personal identity
    b. Harapan Nusa's Library
    c. Harapan Nusa ID's card
    d. Benny library card's

2. Benny is the ...... of Harapan Nusa JHS library
    a. member
    b. student
    c. librarian
    d. teacher

3. Where does Benny live?
    a. in Surabaya
    b. at Harapan Nusa school
    c. on Jl. Dharmawangsa
    d. at Jl. Iswahyudi Raya 56, Malang 

This text is for number 4 - 6!

4. The text tells us about Yuni's ..... ?
    a. classmate
    b. hobby
    c. family
    d. sisters

5. How many sibling's does Yuni have? She has .....
    a. one
    b. two
    c. three
    d. four

6. Where do you think Mrs. Atmaja goes to work? To .......
    a. an office
    b. an hospital
    c. an airport
    d. an station

7. Yetty  : Hi, Lenny. Where will you go?
    Lenny: Hello Yetty. I will go to the green house. The Biology teacher planted new flowers. I want to                 see it.

    What is Lenny's hobby?
    a. gardening
    b. studying
    c. travelling
    d. shopping

8. Fira: Yuli, what do you do on weekends?
    Yuli: Mmm. My mom and I love to spend our weekends in the kitchen. We love ...... We try some                     new recipes.

    a. eating
    b. sewing
    c. cooking 
    d. chatting

9. Tia and her friends have a music band. Fanny plays guitar. Attar plays drums. Handy plays the                 keyboard and Tia .... the songs

    a. dances
    b. reads
    c. sings
    d. tells

10. 07 : 00 p.m.
      What time is it?
    a. It is seven o'clock in the afternoon
    b. It is seven o'clock in the morning
    c. It is seven o'clock in the evening
    d. It is seven o'clock at the night

11. What time do you start studying with you teacher? I study at ....
    a. eight o'clock in the afternoon
    b. eight o'clock in the morning
    c. eight o'clock in the evening
    d. eight o'clock at night

12. Tina: Can you tell me what time is it?
      Natasya: ......
    a. It's half past nine
    b. It's half past ten
    c. It's half to nine
    d. It's half to ten

13. What does Sita do at 4 p.m.? She usually ......
    a. takes a bath
    b. cleans the house
    c. waters the garden
    d. cooks for breakfast

14. Today is Sunday. Yesterday was ......
    a. Monday
    b. Tuesday
    c. Saturday
    d. Wednesday

15. Sunday    Monday    ........    Wednesday    ........
      The missing days are .......
        a. Thursday, Friday
        b. Saturday, Friday
        c. Tuesday, Thursday
        d. Tuesday, Friday

16. February    ........    April    ........    June
      The missing month are ......
        a. May, July
        b. March, May
        c. January, March
        d. August, May

17. It is May. Last month was ......
    a. July
    b. April
    c. September
    d. Oktober

This picture is for number 18 - 20!

18. What does Dina does after she takes a nap? She ......
    a. has lunch with her mom
    b. wakes up and takes a bath
    c. watches TV and go to beds
    d. has some break and plays game

19. What does Dina do before she prepares for her study? She ......
    a. takes a nap
    b. studies with the teacher
    c. has breakfast with her family
    d. studies for tomorrow's lesson

20. How long does she usually study in the evening? She usually studies for .......
    a. one hour
    b. two hours
    c. three hours
    d. four hours

21. It is February. Next month is ......
    a. August
    b. June
    c. July
    d. March

22. It is August. Last month was .....
    a. July
    b. June
    c. September
    d. October

23. It is Sunday, 1st November 2020. What date is Wednesday? It is ......
    a. 3rd November, 2020
    b. 5th November, 2020
    c. 4th November, 2020
    d. 7th November, 2020

This picture is for number 24 - 25

24. On what date will Nina return the book?
    a. 22nd November
    b. 24th November
    c. 29th November
    d. 30th November

25. When will Gita and Nia have meeting?
    a. on Friday
    b. on Saturday
    c. on Thursday
    d. on Wednesday

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