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Contoh Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 Semester Dua Kurikulum 2013

    Hello, all. Pada postingan kali ini saya ingin berbagi contoh soal Bahasa Inggris Ujian Akhir Sekolah kelas 9. Untuk komposisi soal pada ujian akhir sekolah kelas 9 terdiri dari materi dari kelas 7, 8 dan pastinya kelas 9. Adapun materi tersebut antara lain terdiri atas short functional text yaitu: Notice, Message, Invitation, Label, Advertisement, dan essay text, yaitu Descriptive, Recount, Narrative, Procedure, Report. Yuk, kita pelajari bersama ya. 

                                    Contoh Soal USBN Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9


    This text is for question number 1 to 4.

    Topkapi palace known as the largest museum in Istanbul, Turkey. The palace is built in the 15th century, the era of Sultan Mehmet. The palace is constructed on top of a hill in a small peninsula with nice sceneries of the Asian side as well. The palace is launched to the public as museum on 1924 by the authority of Ataturk.

    Today, many tourist can visit the palace, there are exhibition halls, which contain no furniture inside. Some of halls are now under construction due to the expansion of the halls itself. Tourist can come and see many historical goods there, but they are prohibited to take any photograph. The notice authenticity from cultural theft.

1. What is the purpose of the text?
    A. To report about Sultan Mehmed.
    B. To inform the tourist how to visit the palace.
    C. To describe about Topkapi Palace.
    D. To describe about Sultan Mehmed.
 2. Where is a Topkapi Palace constructed?
     A. Museum in Turkey.
     B. Istanbul.
     C. Peninsula town. 
     D. Top of hillside.

 3. Why aren't visitors permitted to capture some picture in the Museum? Because.... 
     A. Many visitors steal the culture of the Turkish 
     B. Some of section are under renovation
     C. They want to keep the authenticity of the historical treasure
     D. The museum allows someone to be cultural theft

 4. "The palace is launched......" (Paragraph 1)
      The underline word is closest meaning to ....
      A. appeared
      B. published 
      C. discarded
      D. explored

This text is for question number 5 to 6.

5. What does the sign tell you about?
    A. To keep the rubbish around the area.
    B. To throw the rubbish freely.
    C. To litter the waste carelessly.
    D. To maintain the area cleanly.

6. After looking at the notice, what will the readers probably do?
    A. Clean the floor together.
    B. Feel free to litter.
    C. Throw the garbage in the trash bin.
    D. Make the precaution against cleanness.

This text is for question number 7 to 9.

    On a farm, there lived a girl named Radha. She is a milkmaid. One day, she brought a milk pot to deliver the milk to her customer in the village. When she walked to the village, she was dreaming.

     She dreamed of getting much money from selling this milk. With those money, she would buy some eggs. After that, the eggs would hatch into good chickens. She would sell the chickens and get a lot of money. After that, she would buy beautiful clothes. When people asked for the secret of her wealth, she would throw head and said, "No."

    Unwittingly, when she dreamed of saying "No", she really threw her head down and dropped the pot of milk. All the milk ran out on the ground and could not be sold.

 7. What is the main idea of the second paragraph?
    A. The milkmaid wanted to be rich.
    B. The milkmaid wanted to buy eggs.
    C. The milkmaid wanted to eat chicken.
    D. The milkmaid did not want to share her wealth.

8. What would happen if she did not  daydream? She would ....
    A. not have become rich
    B. not have spilled the milk
    C. have bought nice clothes.
    D. have bought some eggs.

9. What does the text tell us about?
    A. A dreamed milkmaid.
    B. A dreamy milkmaid.
    C. A dreaming milkmaid.
    D. A daydreaming milkmaid.

This text is for question number 10 to 11.

From    : 08111217288

Maria, please inform our teacher that I won't be able to come in today. I was not feeling well yesterday afternoon and now I have a massive cold. Would you please let me know if we'll get any assignment today? Thanks.

10. Who is the receiver of the short message above?
    A. Ina.
    B. Teacher.
    C.  Maria
    D. Doctor

11. According to the text, we know that Ina will ....
    A. submit an assignment today
    B. not come to school due to being sick
    C. inform the teacher about Maria
    D. be feeling unwell until tomorrow.

This text is for question number 12 to 14.

Dear all registrants


You have moved into the next step of the recruitment process. This is the final step of process. You are selected to be interviewed by Mr. Luth Takashi (vice president). The interview is scheduled on:

Date    : May, 21st, 2018
Time    : 9.30 a.m - 1 p.m
Venue  : Harbor Park II, Singapore

Please inform your attendance by replying this message to

Thank you 

                                                                                                    Kind regard,

                                                                                                    Stepany Tama

12. Who wrote this letter?
    A. Recruiting team.
    B. Candidates.
    C. Vice President.
    D. Kaibara.  

13. According to the text we know that Stephany invites ....
    A. Vice president to have interview with recruiter
    B. Recruiter learn how to go to Harbor Park II
    C. Candidates to do the final recruitment steps
    D. Mr. Luth to come to the interview

14. What the registrants will do if they will attend the interview?
    A. Go to Harbor Park II.
    B. Prepare the atibutes.
    C. Having interview with Mr. Luth.
    D. Confirm their presence.

The following text is for question 15 to 16.

15. Which of the following ingredients is NOT used on the product?
    A. Garlic, pepper, Caramel Color, and Soy Sauce.
    B. Caramel, Corn Starch, and Pottasium Glutamate.
    C. Corn Syrup, Meat, and Pepper.
    D. Pottasium Sorbate, Beef, and Red Pepper.

16. If the product have been opened, you must ....
    A. add seasoning to the product
    B. get rid of the refrigerator
    C. store in low temperature
    D. cook it soon

The following text is for question 17 to 18.

 How to Gold Leaf Furniture   

        1. Remove the dirt on the furniture surface with the soap and water.
        2. Sand the wood if you have a bulge or crack to smooth it.
        3. Apply the sealer to the furniture if there is porous surface.
        4. Clean the furniture with a towel to dry it completely.
        5. Use painter's tape to make designs on furniture for gold leaf.
        6. Use a brush to apply a thin coat of water-based adhesive on furniture.
        7. Apply the gold leaf one sheet at a time.
        8. Set aside for several hours and let dry.
17. What should we do after we clean the furniture?
    A. Sand wood furniture.
    B. Send wood furniture.
    C. Band wood furniture.
    D. Bend wood furniture.

18. What happen if the furniture is dirty or wet?
    A. The towel will get dirty.
    B. No one will buy the furniture.
    C. The gold leaf will be good.
    D. Th gold leaf won't stick well.

19. " ... to dry it completely, " (step 4)
     The word "it" refers to ....
    A. The furniture
    B. The gold leaf
    C. The soap
    D. The sand

The text for question number 20 to 23.

    The palace that I never forget is Covent Garden. It is one of the most popular parts of London. Tourist and Londoners, adult and kids - they all enjoy the great shops restaurant and cafes, and most of all, they love the street performers. At Covent Garden, you can see some of the best street performers in the worlds. There are jugglers, clowns, magician, living statues, musician - the list goes on and on!

    Before they can perform there, performers have to pass a test (it doesn't cost anything). The shows are free and performers don't round and collect money - but most people throw money into the hat! The performers can keep all the money. Sometimes the audience is small, but often big, and due to that they make a lot of money at the end of the show.

    Chantelle plays the violin in an orchestra, but she prefers Covent Garden! "The crowds are always great here, she says, "and the money's better than my orchestra job!"

20. What is the text about?
    A. The musician of Covent Garden.
    B. The performers in Covent Garden.
    C. Getting some money in Covent Garden.
    D. Covent Garden as a place for street performers.

21. What do the performers have to do before they can perform there?
    A. Pass the test.
    B. Show their performance.
    C. Collect some money.
    D. Throw the money into the hat.
22. What will the readers probably do when they visit the Covent Garden?
    A. Find the exact location of Convent Garden.
    B. Plan to be the street.
    C. Prepare to pass the test of being street performer.
    D. Enjoy the street performances of Covent Garden.

23. "and due to that they make a lot of money..."
        The word "they" refers to...
    A. people
    B. audiences
    C. tourists
    D. performers

This text is for question number 24 to 27.

    According to brain sizes, primates are at the top of the animal kingdom, with only dolphins, whales, and elephants as possible contenders. Primates are particularly intelligent and inquisitive; so much so that it is very quick for them to learn new behaviors. This help them to explore their surroundings more than any other animals, and, most importantly, it may also help them to escape from predators.

    Primates are also social intellectuals. Some species of primate live in a group, and their habit revolve around countless interaction with each other, be it friends or foes. They clean and groom each other, which help to remove parasite from their fur and also reinforce relationship. Meanwhile, their groups also maintain hierarchy through threats, which is sometimes followed by combats.

24. The text tell us about ....
    A. brain size of primates.
    B. intelligent of primates
    C. resourcefulness of primates
    D. social behavior of primates

25. According to the text, which of these has the mostly highly developed brain?
    A. Dolphins
    B. Parasites
    C. Elephants
    D. Primates

 26. How do we know primates are intelligent?
    A. They can not learn any new patterns of behavior.
    B. They are far from inquisitive and resourceful.
    C. They are unable to escape the attack from predators.
    D. Their interacts by grooming and sometimes combating.

27. "Primates are particularly intelligent ...." (paragraph 1)
      The word "particularly" has the same meaning as ....
    A. especially
    B. unusual
    C. notable
    D. surprising

This text is for question 28 to 30.

28. The text aims to ....
    A. tell the readers how to use the fire extinguisher
    B. show the easiest way to use fire extinguisher
    C. remind the fireman the safety of the product
    D. inform people the function of a fire extinguisher

29. How can we put off the fire effectively?
    A. Pull the pin close to you.
    B. Squeeze the handle evenly.
    C. Sweep the nozzle slowly.
    D. spray steadily to the fire.
30. What will likely happen when you aim high at the fire?
    A. It will instantly extinguish .  
    B. It will make the fire bigger.
    C. It will reduce the heat level of the fire. 
    D. It will create less damage. 

This text is for question 31 to 34. 

Chocolate Biscuit collection

                                Wheat flour
                                Cocoa powder (7,20 %)
                                Glucose syrup
                                Milk powder
                                Emulsifier (322:soy)
                                Manufactured on shared equipment that processes peanuts,                                 tree nuts, milk, soy and wheat.

31. What is the purpose of the text?
    A. To promote the product.
    B. To list some contents.
    C. To persuade someone to buy the product.
    D. To give detail information about the product.

32. How much cocoa powder does the biscuit contain?
    A. 720 mg.
    B. 720 %.
    C. 7,20 %.
    D. 322: soy.

33. From the label, we know that Chocolate Biscuit Collection DOES NOT contain ....
    A. wheat 
    B. salt 
    C. tree nuts
    D. sugar

34. What is the flavor of the biscuit?
    A. Chocolate 
    B. Milk  
    C. Vanilla
    D. Soy

This text is for question 35 and 36.



A celebration for Luvy Joe Nadhira 

Friday, April 28th, 2018

4 p.m

35. Why does Luvy write the invitation? She wants to ....
    A. share her sister's happiness with her friends
    B. celebrate her birthday with her friends 
    C. be watched by her friends in her party
    D. invite her friends to join the party

36. What will the invited guests do if they cannot come?
    A. Come to Joe residence
    B. Tell Luvy about it.
    C. Do nothing.
    D. Contact Fidela.

This text is for question number 37 to 38.

The 10 Megabyte Computer system Only 6000 Dollar!

New from Joni's Electric Shop

  • 10 Megabyte Hard Disk
  • 8-Bit Microprocessor
  • Disk Controller
  • Sand Disk 64K RAM
  • Memory-Mapped video Display Board
  • 24" Monitor

37. Who would be interested in reading the text?
    A. Someone who thinks ahead for the future.
    B. Someone who needs a computer set.
    C. Everyone in every age.
    D. Computer technician.

38. What should a reader do if he or she want to buy the product?
    A. Come to the store.
    B. Call the number.
    C. Send an email.
    D. Mail a letter.

The text is for question number 39 and 40.

    Last week my school arranged a tour to a waterfall. We went to Curug Sewu. On a fine cool morning.
We gathered at the school at six o'clock. Two buses had ready at school. The teacher counted the students. We were all ninety. Four teachers accompanied us and two assistants took charge of the sports things. At half past six, we got into the bus and left for Curug Sewu. 

    We were in our happy mood. We sang cheerful songs and clapped, shouting and rejoicing along the way. At 9 a.m. the teachers served us fried rice and mineral waters for breakfast. Two hours later we arrived at Curug Sewu. We kept our bags and luggages on a lodge booked by the school or us. After a full meal we got ready for sight-seeing.

    At first we visited Kshetra Curug Sewu. There we saw a big temple built where five rivers originate. We were surprised to see it. There we enjoyed rafting and other water sports. It was almost evening there. So we hurried to the sunset point. We saw the whole sunset, where the sun went down on the western horizon with its brilliant color spread in the sky. The view had a deep impression on my mind. When it was dark we returned to our lodge.

    The next day was kept for visiting other points and valleys. On the early morning we enjoyed the sunrise, and other sightseeing points. In the afternoon around four we went to the market. There, enjoyed delicious strawberries and raspberries. I bought a can stock and a bottle of honey.

    Then it's the time for us to return home from journey. We were in a very merry mood returning home. I enjoyed my picnic very much.

39. What did the students do when they were all in happy mood? 
    A. They kept their bags and luggages on a lodge.
    B. They enjoyed the sight-seeing at Curug Sewu.
    C. They enjoyed the cuisine and the water sports.
    D. They enjoyed their picnic

40. It can be inferred that the author loves sunset more because.....
    A. she is not a sport type person
    B. she is most likely a melancholic person
    C. she loves nature more than sport
    D. she loves the radiant colors of the sunset

B. Uraian.

    a. Change the sentences into Passive Form!

41. The students bring some books from the library.

42. My aunt makes a beautiful cake for my birthday.

43. Mr. Rahmat finds some cards in the cupboard.

    b. Fill in the blanks with suitable word!

44. The writer and his friends returned to their lodge ... it was dark there.

45. Komodo dragons are carnivores which ... to eat pigs, deer, snakes, fish and water buffalos.  

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