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Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 Semester Genap


Contoh Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 Semester Genap

    Hi semuanya. Tanpa terasa waktu sudah berjalan sekitar 3 bulan dalam semester genap ini. Para guru sudah harus menyiapkan soal untuk menguji pencapaian kompetensi siswa selama 3 bulan ini. Berikut ini, saya ingin berbagi contoh soal UTS (Ujian Tengah Semester) atau sekarang lebih dikenal dengan istilah PTS (Penilaian Tengah Semester) khususnya kelas 7. Semoga bermanfaat ya!

Choose A, B, C or D for the best answer!

This text below is for the questions 1 to 3.  

My favorite Animal

    My favorite animal is rabbit. Rabbit has two long ears. Its eyes are big and black, but when it is dark its eyes are red. It has two long teeth. Its nose is small and soft pink. Its tail is soft, round and small like a cotton ball. Its legs are small. It doesn't walk, it jumps. It is vegetarian and its favorite food are carrots. Rabbits are very cute.

1. How many ears does the rabbit have?
    a. Two ears.
    b. Four ears.
    c. Three ears.
    d. Five ears.

2. Does it has short teeth?
    a. Yes, it does.
    b. Yes, it doesn't.
    c. No, it does.
    d. No, it doesn't.

3. What is the title of the text?
    a. Rabbits are very cute.
    b. My Favorite Animal.
    c. My Animal.
    d. Rabbit.

4. This animal lives in the sea and has 8 tentacles. What animal is it?
    a. Octopus.
    b. Elephant.
    c. Zebra.
    d. Tiger.

5. Lisna    : Give me the chili sauce, please.
    Zul       : ...................................................
    a. Here you are
    b. Never mind.
    c. No, thanks.
    d. It is so nice.

This text is for questions 6 to 10.

My House

    I am Putri. I live in Sukabumi. My house is at No. 25 Jalan Pemuda North Sukabumi. It is not a big house. It's medium. It's painted grey. It has two floors. I like it anyway. It has a small garden and a palm and a mango tree in front of the house. It looks green and nice. 

    My house has four bedrooms, two living rooms, a dining room, a kitchen and two bathrooms. My bedroom is in the front part of the house, next to the living room. My parents room is in the middle part of the house next to the dining room. The kitchen and the bathroom are at the back part of the house. I love my house very much.

6. Where does Putri Live?
    a. Jakarta.
    b. Bandung.
    c. Surabaya.
    d. Sukabumi.

7. How many floors that Putri had in her house?
    a. One.
    b. Two.
    c. Three.
    d. Four.

8. Does Putri's house has garden?
    a. Yes, it doesn't.
    b. No, it doesn't.
    c. Yes, it does.
    d. No, it does.

9. Where is Putri's bedroom?
    a. In front of the garden.
    b. In front of her parents' room.
    c. Next to the living room.
    d. Next to the kitchen.

10. Where can we find the kitchen and the bathroom?
    a. At the back of living room.
    b. At the back part of the house.
    c. In the middle part of the house.
    d. Next to the living room.

Read the following text to answer questions 11 - 14.

    Anggita is a secretary. She works at a Batik Arts Company everyday. Her father is Mr. Hary. He is a teacher. Mrs. Erlin is her mother. She is a nurse. Mr. Hary and Mrs. Erlin have three children. Their names are Raden, Anggita, and Helga. Raden is a pilot. Helga is a student at Junior High School. She studies diligently.

11. What does Anggita do? She is a ....
    a. nurse
    b. student
    c. waitress
    d. secretary

12. Does Anggita work at Batik Arts Company everyday?
    a. Yes, she is.
    b. No, she does.
    c. Yes, she does.
    d. No, she doesn't.

13. Who is Mrs. Erlin? She is ....
    a. Anggita's sister
    b. Anggita's mother
    c. Anggita's teacher
    d. Raden and Helga's sister

14. "She studies dilligently" The word "She" refers to ....
    a. Helga
    b. Raden
    c. Anggita
    d. Mrs. Erlin

15. Bunga     : What does your mother do Rino?
      Rino        :  My mother is a .... She helps the doctor look after the patients in the hospital.
    a. dentist
    b. nurse
    c. doctor
    d. surgeon

Read the text to answer No. 16 to 18.

    Doctor is a popular job. It makes a great responsibility to work as a doctor. Minor mistakes made by a doctor can bring the lost of patient.

    There are a lot of jobs that doctors must do. They are expected to evaluate symptoms and run a test to determine what is wrong with a patient. If a doctor does not know off handedly what the diagnosis should be, it is his or her responsibility to do the necessary research.

    Notes are kept on each patient to ensure that any medical professional can walk into a room and know what has been done in the past. It is also a way to track the patient's progress during recovery.

    Writing prescriptions is a major part of doctors job. They must know how much medicine to prescribe based on the patients history, they also need to know how two drugs can interact with one another.

    A doctor needs to know not only how to treat the current conditions, but also how to advise the patient on how to prevent another occurrence.

16. What is mainly discussed in the text above?
    a. The duties of a doctor.
    b. Getting a job as a doctor.
    c. The success of being a doctor.
    d. A vacancy for a doctor position

17. "It is also a way to track, patients ...." (paragraph 3)
      The synonym of the underlined word is ....
    a. to give
    b. to follow
    c. to capture
    d. to apprehend

18. What is the purpose of this text?
    a. To practice the doctor's job.
    b. To explain the doctor's profession.
    c. To educate the doctor in their job.
    d. To describe a doctor's job and responsibilities.

19. Sheryl     : Is your sister a typist?
      Rahmat   : No, she isn't.
      Sheryl     : ...................
      Rahmat   : She is a teacher.
    a. How is she?
    b. Who is she?
    c. What is she?
    d. Where is she?    

20. Indah    : Where does Mr. Anwar go?
      Ridho   : He goes to the harbor. He works in a ship, and often goes abroad for months.
      Indah    : What does he do?
      Ridho   : He is a ....
    a. Tailor
    b. Sailor    
    c. Doctor
    d. Policeman

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