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Contoh Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Semester Satu Kelas 9

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           Hi, sobat Miss Tuti. Berhubung masih dalam musim Ujian Tengah Semester (UTS) atau sekarang lebih dikenal dengan istilah Penilaian Tengah Semester (PTS), maka tidak ada salahnya jika saya berbagi contoh soal PTS khususnya untuk kelas IX ya. Cause sharing is caring, right? Semoga bisa menjadi bahan referensi ya, guys.


Choose A, B, C or D for the best answer!

1.  Fadhil    : What is the matter, Tasya? You look sad today.
    Tasya      : My father is very ill and he has been hospitalized since yesterday.
    Fadhil     : ..... .
    What is the most appropriate response for Fadhil to say next?
    A. I hope he will get better soon
    B. I think you should take a rest
    C. I am glad to hear that
    D. I suggest you to cheer up forever

2. Azizah    : Happy birthday, Rafi.
    Rafi        : Thank you, Azizah. You are the first who congratulate me.
    Azizah    : Oh really? Here is a little present for you. I hope you like it.
    Rafi        : Thank you very much. You are really my best friend.
    Why does Azizah give Rafi a present?
    A. Because Rafi likes present.
    B. Beacuse today is Azizah's birthday.
    C. Because Azizah has a lot of money.
    D. Because Rafi is celebrating his birthday today.

3. Rani took a writing competition last week.
    The winner is announced today and Rani gets the first place.
    The best response for the statement above is ..... .
    A.  Happy birthday! Wish you all the best.
    B. I wish you luck. I know you have studied hard.
    C. Congratulations for being the winner!
    D. I know you have been waiting for a baby girl.

4. Suci    : I'm going to have a match test tomorrow.
    Ina      : ..... .
    The best response is ..... .
    A. Have a nice trip
    B. Good job
    C. Thank you
    D. Good luck, then

The following text is for questions 5 and 6!

5.  The text above shows that ..... .
    A. the writer is one of the contestants
    B. Fawwas is the best student
    C. Fawwas is the best singer
    D. Fathir is Fawwas' best friend

6. The text is for ..... of FLS2N.
    A. the best student
    B. the best teacher
    C. the best singer
    D. the best graduate student

7.  Ruri    : Rina, what do you think if we make a website about fashion?
     Rina    : I don't think it is a good idea
     Ruri    : Why?
     Rina    : It really takes time.
     The underlined sentence expresses ..... .
     A. disappointment
     B. hope
     C. agreement
     D. disagreement

8. Devi    : Next week is our mother's birthday.
                  What should we do?
    Ade     : How about giving her a present?
    Devi    : ..... . What should we buy for her?
    A. I like to go
    B. I don't agree
    C. I hate that
    D. I agree with you

9. Intan    : You know that Syifa always takes sleeping pills to solve her problems.
    Annisa : That's wrong. It can be dangerous for her life if she doesn't change her bad habit. She should                   go to a specialist or share her problems with someone she trusts.
    The underlined expressions expresses ..... .
        A. sympathy
        B. possibility
        C. agreement
        D. disagreement

10. Saifi    : The government plans to increase the water bill next month. The government plans to                             increase the water bill next month.
      Syahril: ..... .  It will increase the number of poor people.
      The suitable expressions to complete the dialogue is ..... .
      A. I agree with you
      B. I totally disagree
      C. I don't disagree
      D. I agree

11. Maimunah    : Is Cunda Mall near from here?
      Maryamah    : Yes, it is.
      Ibrahim         : ..... . It's about 20 kilometers from here.
      Maimunah    : Oh, really?
      The most appropriate expression to complete the dialogue is ..... .
      A. I disagree with you
      B. I quite agree
      C. I think so too
      D. It certainly is

12. I'm studying very hard at the moment ..... pass my exams next month.
      A. and
      B. to
      C. so
      D. for

13. Linda turned on the lights ..... she saw better .
      A. so that
      B. in order to
      C. to
      D. and
The following label is for questions 14 to 16.

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14. The product is for ..... serving(s).
      A. one
      B. two
      C. three
      D. four

15. How many pieces can you find in the package?
     A. 10
     B. 15
     C. 28
     D. 160

16. How much sugar does the product contain?
      A. Exactly 1 gram.
      B. Less than 1 gram.
      C. Precisely 1 gram.
      D. More than 1 gram.

The following label is for questions 17 to 20.

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17. How many tablets do we need for a big dog?
      A. A half tablet every four hours.
      B. A tablet every four hours.
      C. Two hundred and fifty tablets a month.
      D. Four tablets every hour.

18. How many tablets should we give to a young cat that weights 2 kg?
      A. None.
      B. 1/2 tablet.
      C. 1/4 tablet.
      D. 1 tablet.

19. The medicine is intended to ..... of dogs and cats.
      A. Relieve the cough symptoms.
      B. Give food supplement.
      C. Relieve the fever.
      D. Tame

20. "For Veterinary Use Only" means ..... .
      A. only a veterinary may use the drug
      B. the tablets are intended for a veterinarian
      C. the tablets are produced only by a veterinarian
      D. for cats and dogs only, not for human use

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