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Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 Semester Ganjil


        Pada lagi ngapain sih? Pada masih UTS ya? Yuk kita pelajari soal berikut ini. Mana tau keluar di UTS kamu. Enjoy!!!        

Choose a, b, c or d for the best answer!

The text is for questions 1 to 4.

1. What is the communicative purpose of the text about?
    a. To announce Lily's birthday
    b. To invite readers to come to Lily's birthday party
    c. To promote skin care clinic 
    d. To share information about how to hold a birthday party

2. Who is turning 8?
    a. Lily
    b. Lisa
    c. Charlotte
    d. Lily's sisters

3. We have to contact Lisa to .......
    a. ask about the costume of the party
    b. confirm our attendance at the party
    c. inform about how many people will
    d. give suggestion about who should be invited to the party

4. How long will the party be held?
    a. An hour
    b. Two hours
    c. Three hours
    d. Four hours

5. Mrs Wiwin : .............. this letter?
    Mrs Indra : I'm sorry. I have some work to do
    a. Can I post
    b. Should I post
    c. Could you post
    d. Should you post

6. In the library, we ........... talk.
    a. should
    b. must
    c. will not
    d. must not

7. Mr Dewo : Where are you going next holiday?
    Mr Dewi : I will go camping in Bireuen.
    Mr Dewo : Really? You ........... bring a flashlight (senter) because it is very dark there.
    a. will
    b. can not
    c. must
    d. must not

8. Mother  : You look tired. You should sleep.
    Andi      : Yes, mom.
    Mother   : You ......... brush your teeth and pray first before you sleep.
    a. will not
    b. will
    c. should
    d. should not

9. When I was a child, I ........... ride a motorcycle.
    a. can not
    b. could not
    c. will
    d. must

10. My father and mother ........... buy a new house in tebet Next month.
    a. can be
    b. will be
    c. will 
    d. will be

11. Without microscope, we .......... see a very small object.
    a. can not
    b. can
    c. must not
    d. may

12. Susan : Is it your bag, Ira?
      Ira      : Yes, Why?
      Susan : ..............
      Ira      : No, I am going to use it.
    a. May I borrow it?
    b. Will I borrow it?
    c. Must I borrow it?
    d. Should I borrow it?

13. Can you call me up tonight?
    a. Yes, I do
    b. Yes, I can
    c. No, I don't
    d. Yes, I can

14. Because next week you will have an exam, you ........... study hard.
    a. should
    b. should not
    c. can not
    d. shall

15. I need your help because I .............. answer the question.
    a. can
    b. can not
    c. will
    d. will not

The text is for questions 16 - 18.

16. What is the text about?
    a. An invitation to a barbecue party
    b. An instruction of making a barbecue
    c. Suggestion to hold a barbecue party
    d. Information about things should be prepare for a barbecue party

17. When will the party be held?
    a. In the morning
    b. In the afternoon
    c. In the evening
    d. At night

18. What does the word 'grillin' (line 2) in the text mean?
    a. Drying
    b. Cleaning
    c. Rolling
    d. Cooking

For questions 19 -23, complete the dialogue with the best word.

    Dudi     : Mom, did you .... (19) the dinner?
    Mother : Yes, I did. Why?
    Dudi     : It's really .... (20). You're such a great cook!
    Mother : Glad you like .... (21)
    Dudi     : Yeah, ...... (22) for the meal, Mom.
    Mother : Don't .... (23) it, Honey.

19. .........
    a. throw
    b. burn 
    c. drink
    d. cook

20. .........
    a. delicious
    b. terrible
    c. bitter
    d. plain

21. .........
    a. drink
    b. food
    c. juice
    d. water

22. .........
    a. sorry
    b. thank
    c. wish
    d. apologize

23. .........
    a. eat
    b. hope
    c. except
    d. mention

24. I think there are not ............. animals in that forest because most of them have been hunted and              killed.
    a. much
    b. a few
    c. many
    d. a little

25. I don't like going to the zoo on Sunday because on that day there are ............. people going there           with their family.
    a. too much
    b. too many
    c. a few
    d. a little

26. In Jakarta, there are ............ cars on the road causing traffic jams everyday.
    a. any
    b. a little
    c. a lot of
    d. a few

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