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Contoh Soal Ulangan Harian Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 Bab 3 dan Bab 4

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        Hi, Semuanya. Mumpung belum mulai pelaksanaan Ujian Akhir Semester Ganjil, yang masih pada nyari contoh soal ulangan harian Bahasa Inggris kelas VII, silahkan dipelajari contoh soal berikut ini ya. Jangan lupa persiapkan diri untuk Ujiannya. Remember, practice makes perfect!

Contoh Soal Ulangan Harian Bab 3 & Bab 4  Kelas 7 

Choose A, B, C, or D for the correct answer!


        Iwan       : What time will you visit your grandpa?
        Brondan : ............
        A. At nine o'clock
        B. At a quarter past nine
        C. At half past nine
        D. At a quarter to ten

    2. Nadine    : .........?
        Gerry      : It is July 28, 2012
        A. What time is it today
        B. What date is it today
        C. What day is it today
        D. What month is it today

    3. Vito    : What day is it today?
        Venna : It's ..........
        Vito    : So, tomorrow is Friday
        Venna : Right.
        A. Tuesday
        B. Wednesday
        C. Thursday
        D. Friday

    4. Alya    : ........ do you usually have breakfast?
        Dito    : At quarter to six.
        A. What time
        B. Where
        C. How
        D. What

This text for questions 5 and 6.

    Agus usually wake up at five in the morning. Then, he has a shower at five thirty. He has breakfast at five forty five. After that, he goes to school at a quarter past six. He goes early in the morning because his house is about three kilometers away from the school. He travels by school bus. The first lesson starts at seven o'clock.

    5. What time does Agus usually wake up?
        A. At 5 a.m.
        B. At 5 : 05 a.m.
        C. At 5 : 15 a.m.
        D. At 5 : 45 a.m.

    6. What time does Agus leave for school?
        A. At 6 a.m.
        B. At 6 :15 a.m.
        C. At 6 : 45 a.m.
        D. At 7 a.m.

    7. On August 17, we celebrate the ....
        A. National Education day
        B. New Year
        C. Kartini Day
        D. Independence Day

    8. The National Education day is on .....
        A. May 2
        B. May 22
        C. May 21
        D. May 12

    9. On April, we celebrate the .....
        A. New Year
        B. Independence Day
        C. National Education Day
        D. Kartini Day

    10. Yesterday is Wednesday. Tomorrow is ......
        A. Sunday
        B. Monday
        C. Thursday
        D. Friday

    11. Yesterday was Friday. Today is ...
        A. Thursday
        B. Wednesday
        C. Sunday
        D. Saturday

    12. There are ... days in a week.
        A. one
        B. seven
        C. five
        D. eleven

    13. There is a bridge ... the river.
        A. near
        B. across
        C. on
        D. along

    14. Amanda hasn't seen her older sister ... last April.
        A. on
        B. in 
        C. around
        D. since

    15. ... tomatoes are not very good
        A. This
        B. That
        C. These
        D. There

    16. There are two students ... the class.
        A. next
        B. in
        C. on
        D. front

    17. My pencil is .... the books and the notebooks.
        A. between
        B. in
        C. on
        D. next

    18. The red car is ... of the house.
        A. behind
        B. in front
        C. next to
        D. under

    19. Some students are waiting in .. the classroom.
        A. next to
        B. front of
        C. between
        D. under

    20. Our house is ... to the supermarket
        A. in
        B. on
        C. behind
        D. next

    21. There is a big supermarket ... the park.
        A. on
        B. near
        C. in front
        D. next

    22. Look at ... birds flying in the sky.
        A. this
        B. that
        C. these
        D. those

    23. ... is my new apartment. Please come inside.
        A. This
        B. That
        C. These
        D. Those

    24. The shoes are ... the sofa.
        A. under
        B. above
        C. across
        D. up

    25. The refrigerator is in the ....
        A. bathroom
        B. garage
        C. kitchen
        D. bedroom

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