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Contoh Ungkapan Rasa Marah dan Terganggu Dalam Bahasa Inggris


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    Hi, long time no see. Kali ini kita belajar lagi ungkapan rasa marah dan terganggu ya. Let's check them out!

Expressing Anger 

Look at the pitcures.
Listen to your teacher.
Read the expressions aloud.

Expressing Anger
  • Oh no ........!
  • Oh dear!
  • ... really isn't good enough.
  • I'm fed up with .....
  • He flared up at me.
  • ... really makes me mad.
  • Look here, .....
  • I'm extremely displeased.
  • I'm totally upset.
  • You're such a pain in the neck.

Expressing Annoyance

  • Would you stop that?
  • Could you please stop doing that?
  • That's really a brother.
  • That's making me crazy.
  • You really get to my nerves.
  • I'm very annoyed.
  • It annoys me.
  • Pretty parrot!
  • I can't take this anymore ........

sumber : English for a Better Life, Penerbit Pakar Raya

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