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Contoh Soal Narrative : The Fox and The Crow

The Fox and The Crow 

    Hi, semuanya, Teks Narrative itu ada banyak jenisnya. Salah satunya adalah Fable, atau dongeng yang tokohnya adalah hewan. Teks Narrative memiliki tujuan untuk menghibur pembacanya. Jadi semoga kita semua bisa terhibur setelah membaca cerita tentang Rubah dan Gagak berikut ini. Happy reading!!!

sumber :

The Fox and The Crow

    Once upon a time, there (1) _______ an old lady crow who was mean and (2) _______. One day, Miss Crow had stolen a big piece of (3) _______. And then, she flew on to a branch to enjoy it. On other place, under the tree, a (4) _______ creature, Mr. Fox, who wanted the cheese for himself, came up and spoke (5) _______ to her.
     "Oh, Miss Crow, how beautiful you are! What a lovely (6) _______, what lovely feathers you have! What pretty eyes! If only you could sing, you would be the most beautiful bird in the world!". Very pleased to hear all of this about herself, Miss Crow gave a loud (7) _______ to show that she could sing.
     Of course, the moment she opened hear beak, the cheese fell down, and Mr. Fox ran away with it (8) _______ loudly.

Isi garis kosong dengan kata-kata yang ada dibawah ini yang sesuai dengan cerita diatas.

- Politely          - Ugly          - Laughing          - Lived
- Croak             - Sly             - Cheese             - Beak

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