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Contoh Soal Teks Descriptive London



1. The city ____ from Fleet Street to the Tower.
    a. lie
    b. lying
    c. lies
    d. is lying

2. The East End ____ the port of London.
    a. includes
    b. concludes
    c. concretes
    d. incurs

3. In the South Bank, we can find these buildings, except...
    a. skyscrapers
    b. residential areas
    c. private firms
    d. housing government department

4. London is also very famous for its ___.
    a. culture
    b. greatness
    c. greenness
    d. business

5. The communicative purpose of the text is ....
    a. to describe London
    b. to retell events in London
    c. to persuade people to visit London
    d. to explain London history

6. ___ you ___ dinner last night?
    a. Did, have
    b. Did, had
    c. Do, have
    d. Do, has

7. On 14th April 1912, the Titanic ___ the Atlantic when it ___ an iceberg.
    a. was crossing, struck
    b. crossed, struck
    c. crossed, was striking
    d. was crossing, was striking

sumber: Buku Experiencing English. For Junior High School 2. Year VIII (Masmedia)

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