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Contoh Soal Spoof Text

Contoh Soal Spoof Text

    Spoof adalah sebuah teks yang berisi cerita lucu yang menceritakan sesuatu sesuai secara berurutan. teks ini memiliki ending yang tidak terduga. Seperti contoh berikut ini. Let's enjoy the story!  

Age is No Barrier

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    James Peterson grew up three houses away from Lucy Teddy in Ham Rock Street, Texas. He often did chores for her; he washed her car and ran errands for her.

    They often spent time together, and they eventually fell in love. Months later, the couple decided to get married, which caused many objections from Lucy's children and grandchildren!

    In fact, James was younger than Lucy's grandchildren. He was 21 when they got married. His bride was 81!.

1. How far was Jame's house from Lucy's residence?
    a. Four hours away
    b. James grew up near Lucy's house
    c. Six miles away
    d. Three house away

2. What did James do for Lucy?
    a. He washed her car
    b. He washed her clothing
    c. He washed the dishes
    d. He cleaned her kitchen

3. How old were the couple?
    a. Lucy was 21 years old, and James was 81 years old.
    b. James was 82 years old, and Lucy was 81 years old.
    c. Both James and Lucy were 81 years old.
    d. James was younger than Lucy's grandchildren.

4. The type of the text above is ...
    a. report
    b. recount
    c. narrative
    d. spoof

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