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Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Semester Ganjil Kelas 9

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            Howdy, sobat Miss Tuti semua. Mau ujian bentar lagi. Yuk persiapan dari sekarang. Mungkin contoh soal berikut bisa jadi referensi baik bagi teman guru maupun sobat Miss Tuti yang masih bersekolah ya. Remember kids, practice makes perfect. Good luck with your test.

Contoh Soal PAS (Penilaian Akhir Semester) Bahasa Inggris 
Semester Ganjil Kelas 9

Choose A, B, C or D for the Best Answer!

The following dialog is for questions 1 and 2.

Risty    : I congratulate you on being a member of our National Math Olympiad team. It's not easy to                   pass the audition test, but you proved that you deserve it.
Arkan   : Thank you, but this achievement is the beginning of a new step. I must prepare for the                           Olympiad
Risty    : I know. I am sure you and your team will achieve victory.
Arkan  : Thanks. All I need is your support and pray.
Risty    : Of course. We always hope and pray for your best.

1. Why does Risty congratulate Arkan? Because......
    a. he and his team won a Math Olympiad
    b. he is included in the national Math Olympiad team
    c. he is appointed the leader of a Math Olympiad team
    d. he has worked hard for the success of his Olympiad team

2. Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE?
    a. Arkan is a smart student.
    b. Risty will always support Arkan.
    c. Arkan must work hard for the Olympiad. 
    d. Risty and Arkan will attend a Math Olympiad.

The following dialog is for questions 3 and 4.

Denias    : Congratulations, Lina! It's your dream to enter go to the school's storytelling competition,                      isn't it?
Lina        : Yes, it's my dream. I have practiced every day for the last two months with my dad.
Denias    : Sure. You have to work hard for your dream. Good luck!
Lina        : Thank you, Denias, for your support.

3. What is Lina's dream?
    a. Write an interesting story.
    b. Participate in a storytelling contest.
    c. Tell a story to other people
    d. Practice telling a story

4. Denias says, "Good luck!"
    a. He praises
    b. He congratulate
    c. He expresses hope.
    d. He expresses dream.

The following dialog is for questions 5 to 7.

Lina    : I don't feel well. I'm catching a cold.
Udin   : You should go to the doctor.
Beni   : I don't think that's good idea. What you need is just have a good rest and drink a lot of fresh                  water.
Siti      : I agree with Udin. You should go to the doctor. You look pale. You need to take medicine                          soon.  
Edo     : I don't agree with you. Siti. You must not take too much medicine. You just need a good rest,                  much fresh water and fruit. Eat only healthy food.
Dayu   : I think the best way to do is go home, Lina. Your Mom and Dad know better what you should                 do

5. How does Lina feel? 
    a. She is well.
    b. She will be alright.
    c. She is weak.
    d. She is ill.

6. Edo says "I don't agree with you, Siti. You must no take too much medicine."
    The underlined word refers to _____.
    a. Lina
    b. Siti
    c. Beni
    d. Udin

7. Where does the dialog take place?
    a. At school.
    b. At home.
    c. In a bedroom.
    d. In a clinic.

The following dialog is for questions 8 to 10.

Siti    : There is a rule for girls in a certain culture in South America. Girls must have long hair. They                 must no cut their hair short above the shoulders.
Udin  : I agree with the rule. Short hair is for boys.
Lina   : I don't think so. I don't agree with the rule. People are free to choose what they like. hair is a                 personal matter.
Dayu  : I think so. I don't like long hair, but my sister likes long hair very much.
Edo    : In this case, you may look more beautiful with long hair. I think girls look better with long hair.              Boys look better with short hair.
Beni   : Let's take it this way. The rule may not be suitable in our culture. However, it may be necessary              in their culture.

8. What is the dialog about?
    a. A rule for girls in a certain culture in America.
    b. A certain culture in America.
    c. A rule for girls in a certain culture in South America.
    d. A rule that make girls look beautiful.

9. Which expressions is used to agree?
    a. I think so.
    b. Let's take it this way.
    c. I don't like long hair.
    d. Girls must have long hair.

10. Beni says " However, it may be necessary in their culture."
      What does `it` refer to?
    a. Short hair
    b. Culture.
    c. The Rule.
    d. Personal matter.

The following label is for questions 11 to 14.

11. What is the net weight of the product?
    a. Medium Sliced.
    b. 80g.
    c. 180g.
    d. 800g.

12. How much is the product per pack?
    a. ﹩1.35.
    b. ﹩1.53.
    c. ﹩13.5.
    d. ﹩135.

13. "Use By : 19.10.13" What does it mean?
    a. It was produced on October 19, 2013.
    b. It was distributed on October 19, 2013.
    c. It must be consumed before October 19, 2013.
    d. It would be best consumed after October 19, 2013.

14. The product is made from______.
    a. wheatgerm
    b. corn flour
    c. starch
    d. cassava

The following label is for questions 15 to 19.

15. What is benefit of consuming the Herbal beverage?
    a. Help lose weight.
    b. Strengthen our bones.
    c. Make us healthier and more energetic.
    d. Recover from illness.

16. Where can we buy the product from?
    a. An authorized distributor.
    b. A herbal shop.
    c. A production office
    d. A pharmacy

17. What does the product weight per package?
    a. 40g.
    b. 60g.
    c. 50g.
    d. 70g.

18. How much tea extract do we need for a glass of beverage?
    a. A half teaspoon
    b. One 
    c. Two 
    d. Two 

19. On which part of the package can we see the expiry date of the product?
    a. The bottom.
    b. The top.
    c. The left side.
    d. The right side.

The following label is for questions 20 to 22.

20. Why does the drink keep us strong?
    a. It contains many ingredients.
    b. It is cool and refreshing.
    c. It provides a balanced nutrition.
    d. It contains antioxidants.

21. We can consume the drink for_____ days after opening.
    a. two
    b. four
    c. five
    d. three

22. How much protein does the drink contain?
    a. 10 g.
    b. 130 g.
    c. 80 g.
    d. 400 g.

This text is for questions 23 to 26.

23. How much pepper powder do we need to make Kerak telor?
    a. A half teaspoon
    b. One teaspoon
    c. A half tablespoon
    d. One tablespoon

24. How long should we soak the glutinous rice in water, to make it soft?
    a. One days
    b. Two days
    c. Three days
    d. Four days

25. What should we do after heating the frying the pan?
    a. Turn over the egg crust.
    b. Add the mixed seasoning.
    c. Spread the dried serundeng.
    d. Add the glutinous rice.

26. "Cover and cook an a low heat until slightly dry."
        (Step 3)
        What is the synonym of `slightly`?
    a. Really.
    b. Quite.
    c. Entirely.
    d. Mostly.

This following text is for question 27 to 29.

27. How many kinds of ingredients do we need to make kue pukis mini?
    a. Seven.
    b. Eight.
    c. Nine.
    d. Ten.

28. How much salt do we should prepare?
    a. A half tablespoon.
    b. One and half tablespoon.
    c. A half teaspoon.
    d. One and half teaspoon.

29. What should we do when mold is hot enough?
    a. Pour the dough into the mold.
    b. stir the mixtures.
    c. Beat sugar and eggs.
    d. Warm the coconut milk and salt.

The following text is for questions 30 to 32.

Siti    : Are you mopping the floor again? You've just finished mopping it, haven't you?
Dayu : Well, I tripped over the stool and feel and spilled my milk all over the floor.
Siti    : Sorry to hear that.

30. What is Dayu doing?
    a. She is sweeping the floor.
    b. She is drinking milk.
    c. She is mopping the floor.
    d. She is walking alone.

31. How many times does she mop the floor?
    a. Once.
    b. Three times.
    c. Twice.
    d. Four times.

32. What makes the floor messy?
    a. Dust.
    b. Milk.
    c. Mud.
    d. A broken stool.

The following dialog is for questions 33 to 35.

Lina    : Did you all go to practice football yesterday afternoon?
Beni    : Only Udin and I went to football practice. Edo could not come because he had a lot of                              homework to do
Udin   : Yes, when we get to his house. to pick him up, he was doing his math homework.
Lina   : I see.

33. What were Beni and Udin doing yesterday afternoon?
    a. They were doing their homework.
    b. They were watching a football match.
    c. They were studying at Edo's home.
    d. They were practicing football.

34. Who had many assignments to do?
    a. Edo.
    b. Lina.
    c. Beni..
    d. Udin.

35. Why did Beni and Udin go to Edo's house?
    a. To do homework together.
    b. To pick him up.
    c. To play together.
    d. To borrow his homework.

36. The room was dirty when I left it. It is clean now. Someone ________ it.
    a. cleans
    b. cleaned
    c. is cleaning
    d. has cleaned

37. Dinda  : What about my new dress, mother?
      Mother: Don't worry. Your father____ a lovely dress for you
      Dinda  : Really? Why didn't you tell me.
      Mother: It will be a surprise, won't it?
    a. haven't bought
    b. has bought
    c. isn't buying
    d. was buying

38. My mother has_____ the regards to you.
    a. send.
    b. sending.
    c. sent.
    d. been send.

39. I will be_____ TV when she arrives tonight.
    a. watching
    b. watch
    c. was watch
    d. is watch

40. I _________ waiting for you when your bus arrives.
    a. was
    b. am
    c. is
    d. are

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