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Contoh soal ulangan harian narrative text kelas 9

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        How's everything going sobat Miss Tuti semuanya? Biasanya setelah memberikan sebuah materi kepada siswa, maka seorang guru akan memberikan soal ulangan harian untuk melihat sejauh mana siswa sudah menguasai materi yang diberikan. Soal ulangan harian berikut ini masih berkaitan dengan materi Narrative Text ya, Guys. Semoga bisa menjadi masukan buat Sobat Miss Tuti semua, khususnya yang mengajar Bahasa Inggris maupun yang masih belajar. Happy teaching and learning everybody!!!

Choose a, b, c or d for the correct answer!

        1. Who was Ayuwangi?
        a. A wife of Tapa Agung.
        b. Purbararang's daughter.
        c. Lutung Kasarung's mother.
        d. Tapa Agung's youngest daughter

    2. Why was Purbararang envious of Ayuwangi?
        a. Ayuwangi was voted by people to be the next queen in Pasir Batang Kingdom.
        b. Ayuwangi was loved more by the king and queen of Pasir Batang Kingdom?
        c. Ayuwangi got married with Lutung Kasarung and lived happily.
        d. Ayuwangi's skin turned black and she became an ugly woman.

    3. Why did Ayuwangi's skin turn black like a lutung?
        a. Because she played in a forest alone.
        b. Because she smeared her skin with herbs.
        c. Because Lutung Kasarung smeared her skin with herbs.
        d. Because her oldest sister smeared her skin with something   

    4. Who cured and turned Ayuwangi into normal again?
        a. Purbararang.
        b. Ayuwangi.
        c. Lutung Kasarung.
        d. Tapa Agung.

    5. "But this made her sisters envious, especially the oldest, Purbararang."
        The italic word has similar meaning with ....
        a. hate
        b. love
        c. jealous
        d. sick

    6. Who was Jonathan?
        a. He was the servant of the palace.
        b. He was a kind young prince.
        c. He was one of bandits.
        d. He was prince's friend.

    7. Where did the bandits attack the Prince, Peter Piper, and Franklin Greedy?
        a. In the river.
        b. In the palace.
        c. In the jungle.
        d. In the river.

    8. Why did the bandits get angry to Franklin?
        a. Because Franklin didn't obey with them.
        b. Because he tried to kick the bandits.
        c. Because he tried to against the bandits
        d. Because they didn't find the prince

    9. How did Peter and the prince escape?
        a. They rode away on one of the bandit's horses.
        b. They made a deal with the bandits.
        c. They opened the front gate and unlocked the doors.
        d. He went out from the jungle.

The text is for number 10-15

    10. The text above is?
           a. a fable
           b. a fairy tale
           c. a myth
           d. a legend

    11. Which one is NOT the complication?           
           a. Mother Gothel took Rapunzel from her parents.
           b. Rapunzel was locked in the tower.
           c. Mother Gothel Banished Rapunzel to the dessert.
           d. The prince and Rapunzel found each other.

    12. How many characters are there in the story?
           a. Three
           b. Four
           c. Five
           d. Six

    13. The text above is a/an....
           a. recount
           b. factual recount
           c. personal recount
           d. narrative

    14. Which one is the resolution of the story?
           a. Young prince went hunting.
           b. The prince and Rapunzel found each other.
           c. Rapunzel was born.
           d. Rapunzel and the prince of them fell in love.

    15. What is the goal of the text?
           a. To retell Rapunzel's experiences.
           b. To describe how Rapunzel looks like.
           c. To entertain the readers.
           d. To tell how to behave like Rapunzel.

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