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Contoh Soal Ujian Bahasa Inggris Semester Genap Kelas 8


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Contoh Soal Ujian Bahasa Inggris Semester Genap Kelas 8

        Hello everybody. Nice to see you again. Gak terasa kita akan memasuki ujian kenaikan kelas bagi kelas 7 dan 8. Ijinkan saya berbagi contoh soal UAS Bahasa Inggris kelas 8. Soalnya juga udah ada kunci jawabannya ya. Semoga bermanfaat, Guys.

Choose A, B, C or D for the best answer.

1. Teacher: Everyone, ________. I will explain the material.
    Students: Okay, Ma'am.
    a. do you understand? 
    b. are you okay?
    c. attention, please!
    d. make a noise, please!

2. The coffee is not very sweet, the tea is very sweet. There is more sugar in the tea, and there
    is _______ sugar in the coffee.
    a. many
    b. a little
    c. fewer 
    d. less

3. Budi has 8 books. Abdul has 12 books. Abdul has more books than Budi. Budi has _______ books        than Abdul
    a. a lot of
    b. many 
    c. fewer
    d. any

4. ___________ are not mine
    a. This robot
    b. These robots
    c. That robot
    d. The robot

5. Ishak: What is that?
    Halim: ____________
    a. That is ruler
    b. That is rulers
    c. Those are a rulers
    d. That is a ruler

6. Mr. Sinaga is talking to the girls. He is talking to _________
    a. her
    b. they
    c. she
    d. them

7. Mala and I are thirsty. __________ are also hungry.
    a. We
    b. They
    c. She
    d. You

8. Last Monday, the students ______________ History.
    a. are studying
    b. were studied
    c. studied
    d. study

9. Intan's brother __________ his money two days ago.
    a. lose
    b. lost
    c. losing
    d. will lose

10.  Rifna: What a lovely dress!
       Fajri : Thank you, I ___________ it myself
       Rifna: Did you?
       Fajri : Yes, I did.
        a. make
        b. made
        c. am making
        d. was making

11. Najmun: Did you enjoy your holiday, Nawaf?
      Nawaf  : Yes, I ___________ to Hongkong.
        a. go
        b. went
        c. will go
        d. am going

12. Crocodiles _________ animals.
        a. is
        b. was
        c. will be
        d. are

13. Melly always __________ tea in the morning.
        a. drinks
        b. drink
        c. drinking
        d. drank

14. Which animals you can find in the zoo?
        a. Elephant, cat and tiger.
        b. Lion, crocodile and snake.
        c. Mouse, rabbit and mosque.
        d. Goat, bear, giraffe.

15. Look at the picture!
        It's a __________ card.
        a. greeting
        b. invitation
        c. opinion
        d. permission

16. Elephant is a __________ animal.
        a. thick
        b. thin
        c. big
        d. tall

17. Risky is 170 cm.
      Mirza is 165 cm.
      We can say: Risky is ________ Mirza.
        a. taller than 
        b. the tallest
        c. as tall as
        d. as taller

18. Mathematics is _________ than History.
        a. difficult
        b. more difficult
        c. the most difficult
        d. not difficult

19. The stone is heavier than the cotton, and cotton is _________ than the stone.
        a. lighter
        b. taller
        c. lower
        d. shorter

20. My hand-writing is good and clear. But my sister's hand writing is __________ and clearer.
        a. gooder
        b. better
        c. bad
        d. more good

21. The road was bad. And after the flood, it certainly became __________.
        a. worse
        b. badder
        c. better
        d. more bad

22. My aunt is richer than my mother.
      She has _________ money than my mother. 
      My mother has less money than my aunt.
        a. many
        b. more
        c. much
        d. a lot of

23. Rahmat's house __________ in a new housing complex.
        a. is
        b. does
        c. are
        d. do

24. Arrange this words into a good sentence.
      river - There - the - are - many - fish - in
          1          2         3       4         5         6     7
        a. 2-3-4-5-6-7-1
        b. 2-1-3-4-5-6-7
        c. 2-7-1-6-5-4-3
        d. 2-4-5-6-7-3-1

25. When he was a baby, he __________ three point four kilograms.
        a. is
        b. are
        c. was
        d. does

26. The school library __________ good books and magazines.
        a. has
        b. have
        c. had
        d. did
27. What __________ she doing right now?
        a. is
        b. was
        c. am
        d. are

28. Translate this sentence into English. "Itu adalah mobil Miranda"
        a. This is Miranda's car.
        b. That is Miranda's car
        c. These are Miranda's cars.
        d. Those are Miranda's cars.

29. Mereka tidak belajar bersama-sama (in the past). The translation in English is ..................
        a. They did not study together
        b. They are not study together.
        c. They were not study together.
        d. They was not study together.

For question 30 to 34, choose the best word to complete the text below.

My Tobby

    This is my robot. His name (30)...... Tobby. Tobby has two (31)..... , two eyes, two ears, and two antennas on his (32)...... He is tall and cute. He is made of (33)...... Tobby wears a suit. He can walk fast.
    Tobby is a (34)...... robot. He plays with me and helps my mother serve the meals.

30. a. is
      b. was 
      c. are
      d. were

31. a. heads
      b. noses
      c. mouths
      d. arms

32. a. teeth
      b. nose
      c. head
      d. arms

33. a. rubber
      b. metal
      c. water
      d. sand

34. a. stupid
      b. lazy
      c. helpful
      d. ugly

Read the text carefully  and answer the questions based on the text.

My school Library

    There is a library in my school. It is on the first floor. It is about six meters wide and 8 meters long. There are ten bookshelves in the library. They are full of books. My favorite is the shelf next to the window. It is used for displaying the magazines and newspapers, especially about sport.
    The students visit the library during the break. They like to visit the library because it is quiet and cool. It is very comfortable to read in this library.

35. What is the text about?
        a. School
        b. Library
        c. School Library
        d. School Toilet

36. Where is the library located?
        a. Not far from the school
        b. On the first floor
        c. Downstairs
        d. Next door

37. What is the next to the window of the library?
        a. The sport reports
        b. Ten bookshelves
        c. The shelf for displaying the books
        d. The shelf for displaying the magazines and newspaper

38. When do the students usually go to the library?
        a. During the class
        b. In the morning
        c. During the break
        d. After school

39. "It is very comfortable." (2nd paragraph)
        What does the underlined word mean?
        a. padat
        b. nyaman
        c. bising
        d. berantakan

40. Where we can find this notice?

        a. In the park.
        b. In the toilet.
        c. In the library.
        d. In the house.

41. The notice means that __________.


        a. Student can get the drug for free.
        b. Teachers can get drug for free.
        c. Drug is prohibited at school.
        d. Everybody can have drug at school.

Read the text and answer questions 42 to 45.

There was a girl named Bawang Putih. She lived with her step mother and her step sisters named Bawang Merah. Bawang Putih's loife was sad. Her step mother and her step sister treated Bawang Putih badly and always asked her to do all the household chores.

One morning, Bawang Putih was washing some clothes in a river. Accidentally, her mother's clothes fell down to the river. Finally she met an old woman. The old woman return the clothes. She also gave Bawang Putih a small pumpkin. At home, suddenly Bawang Putih and her step mother and step sister were surprised. Inside the pumpkin they found jewelries. "Bawang Merah, hurry up. Go to the river then found the old woman and tool big pumpkin. They were screaming. There were a lot of snakes inside the pumpkin!

Finally, both of them realized their mistakes. They apologized and Bawang Putih forgave them.

42. What is the story about?
        a. Malin Kundang
        b. Bawang Putih & Bawang Merah
        c. Sangkuriang
        d. Tangkuban Perahu

43. What kind of the text the story above?
        a. Recount.
        b. Narrative.
        c. Descriptive.
        d. Procedure.

44. Who gave the clothes back to Bawang Putih?
        a. The old woman.
        b. Bawang Merah.
        c. Her step mother.
        d. River.

 45. Why did Bawang Merah and Mother say apologize to Bawang Putih?
        a. They found the jewelries.
        b. Mother's clothes fell down to the river.
        c. Both of them realized their mistakes.
        d. There were a loot of snakes inside the pumpkin.

  46.  Arrange this words into a good sentence.

             1          2          3        4        5

        a. 1-3-4-2-5
        b. 4-2-5-3-1
        c. 2-5-4-3-1
        d. 3-1-4-2-5

47. Arrange these jumbled sentences into a good paragraph 
        1. The birds are small.
        2. They make sounds by chirping in the morning.
        3. I let them live on the tree so I can enjoy their chirps every morning.
        4. There is a big tree in front of my house.
        5. They make nests on the tree.
        6. There are many birds on the tree.
       The best arrangement is ___________.
        a. 4-6-1-5-2-3
        b. 4-6-2-3-5-1
        c. 4-6-3-2-1-5
        d. 4-6-5-3-1-2

48. Translate this sentence "I learned many new things in grade VIII"
        a. Saya belajar banyak hal-hal baru di kelas VIII.
        b. Saya belajar tentang hal-hal baru dikelas VIII.
        c. Saya banyak tau di kelas VIII.
        d. Saya belajar banyak hal-hal penting di kelas VIII.

For question 49 to 50, choose the best word to complete the text below.

    Yesterday, I read the notice (49) ______.
The notice said: " Keep the room clean". I
understand that we should not throw (50) 
______ in that room. 

49. a. in the sky
      b. on the wall
      c. on the tree
      d. In the box

50. a. an animal
      b. a parachute
      c. rubbish
      d. a season

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